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Not A Machine

By Hayli Lindgren - May 15, 2015



The Holy Spirit is my best friend, He is the one that has never left me. My comforter and helper and teacher. He is the one who whispers in my ear when to stop and when to move on. The one that is always kind and encouraging. From an early age I have encountered the closeness of the Holy Spirit in everyday life, He helps me with everything, even cooking :)


The Holy Spirit is the third person of the trinity, sent to be our helper and friend. The Holy Spirit is a person, with which one must build a relationship with. Similarly, the more time you spend with a person the more you get to know them. Many people want to move in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, without first getting to know Him.


I woke up recently, having had a dream which shocked me. In my dream the Holy Spirit was being sold and used as

a machine! I realised that in many ways and in lots of churches throughout the world the Holy Spirit has been used as a tool to get what we want. Not a close and intimate friend but a machine! Someone who we have decided must work and be controlled by us, to do what we want (even things we class as important for the kingdom).


Think about a machine for a moment. A machine is something with no personality or feelings. A machine is something

which you control, that you can switch on and off at your own convienience. One definition of the word Machine states:


“An apparatus consisting of intergrated parts with separate functions,

Used in the performace of some kind of work.”


A machine makes things easier, a quick solution for something which used to take a long time can be done in a fraction of the time. True worship requires a built up relationship with the Holy Spirit, and yet in many church worship has become simply karaoke songs with no meaning or intimacy. In the world today people have been replaced by machines, the friendly face that you used to meet at the local store has been replaced by a cold and clinical machine. Im the same way many churches who have closed the door to the Holy Spirit have become cold and empty places.



The Holy Spirit is NOT something but SOMEONE! He should not be used purely for our own convienience, but for his kingdom and purpose. We wouldnt like it if people just wanted to use us to get something. Only our friends when they needed something, that is not a good friend. In the same way the Holy Spirit doesnt want us to come to Him only when we need something, our quick solution for even things we deem as important for the kingdom. He wants us to have a deep intimate relationship with him. Not just getting to know Him for what we can get, but because of who He is.

A friendship where we are sensitive to what he wants to do and where he wants to go.


If I ignored my husband when I saw him, didn't want to spend time with him, had hardly any contact and then sang him a love song. He would say yeah thats a nice song, but it means nothing because no relationship has been built. The bible clearly states that we can cast out demons, heal the sick ect (important things for the kingdom) and yet he will say he never new us, why? Because first and foremost he wants us to want him for him! Come back to your first love! Even as you are reading this.


Let us decide to know the Holy Spirit, no use and sell Him as if he was a machine that we can switch on and off at our own convienience. But listen to His voice, be intimate with Him, not for what we can get, but because He is our friend!


Let us not grieve the Holy Spirit (1 Thesselonians 5:19 )by thinking we can control Him. Rather let him lead us, lets be the sheep and let Him be the shepherd.


Instead of what can you give me ect, we should be saying:

“I simply come to you Holy Spirit, not to get anything. I simply come with my love for you, with my life stripped bare before you. Just you and me Jesus, I want to be with you because I Love you! Because you are my best friend.”


Many have lost their first love because they are striving to be the next big preacher or the next big church. Let us not sacrifice our relationship with him in order to get or take anything. Remember God rewards in the open those who seek him in the secret place.


Hayli Lindgren

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